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Rain Bosworth, Ph.D.

Rain Bosworth, Ph.D.
Lecturer/Project Scientist

By training, I am an experimental vision scientist.  I’m interested in how visual perception develops in infants and children.  I am particularly interested in how different types of sensory experiences shape how we perceive the visual world.   I have studied different populations including infants who were born prematurely and have had extra visual experience outside the womb, individuals who had congenital eye disorders, and individuals who are deaf signers and have had unique reliance on visual input.   The paramount goal of studying these populations is to understand the effects of early atypical sensory experiences on different aspects of visual perception (such as contrast, color, motion, form, depth, and faces) and the underlying neural mechanisms.  Such work will unveil how the absence of sensory input (as in the case of blindness or deafness) alters remaining, intact perceptual abilities, and how experience with a visual language modality impacts perception, cognition, and language processing.